Keys to Financial Excellence by Phil Pringle

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Tithing Scriptures

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Tithing Scriptures

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Tithing Scriptures
Tithing Scriptures
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Description: Do you struggle week after week just to make ends meet? Do you wish you could give more to God’s work but end up giving the bare minimum? Many people miss the path to true prosperity because they are seeking it through incorrect ideas and false promises. The way to true abundance in all areas of your life is to discover and live in God’s economy. The Bible is filled with hundreds of truths, examples, and principles about how we are to handle our money and our relationships. These scriptural laws and illustrations give us the keys to pleasing God, reflecting His giving nature, and receiving His generous abundance in our lives. Author Phil Pringle has put these biblical truths and illustrations into bite-sized portions that you can grasp easily and apply to your life today. From his personal experience in receiving the overflow of God’s blessings, Pringle show you how to put these dynamic principles into practice. Keys to Financial Excellence is a life-changing treasure that will enable you to experience the fullness of abundant living. Discover a prosperity that will transform your life.


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