Biblical Perspective On Tithing Faithfully by Rich Brott

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Tithing Scriptures

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Tithing Scriptures

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Tithing Scriptures
Tithing Scriptures

Description: Going From Obedience To Blessing. According to author Rich Brott, the topic of tithing on your increase always relates to your entire life and all that you are concerned with. It’s not strictly a financial issue. We have much to give that is far more valuable than money. We have our time, our commitment, our attitude, our gifting, our energy, our service, our talent, our assets, our devotion and our entire life. Yet in all that we have to offer, our attitude toward our finances does play an important role and affects the other areas of our life. Your role in receiving the blessings of God is all about you keeping only a needed portion of God’s blessing and returning a large portion of the blessing so that others can be blessed as well. We should become resourceful and efficient stewards of all the possessions God has sent our way.


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