Testimonials of Pastors who use Tithe and Offering Scriptures

Thousands of Pastors are now using Tithe and Offering Scriptures!

With so many Pastors using Tithe and Offering Scriptures, there is not a week that goes by that we do not receive a letter, email or a call, giving testimony to the value of using God’s Word in the receiving of the offering. Below are just a small sampling of the many comments received

  • Southern Baptist Church – MO – We use the Tithe and Offering Scriptures for our 8:00 a.m. Contemporary Service. I have found that since we starting using it before we take up our morning offering. People are not just “throwing” money into the office plate when it goes by, but they are now WORSHIPING God as they are giving there tithe or offering. In addition our offerings have already increased by 50% in just the few weeks we started using it. WOW!! To God be the Glory!!!
  • Assembly of God – OK – I put them in our weekly bulletins. The tithes and offering are higher than I have ever seen them in the six years I have been the pastor.
  • Baptist – SC – A great tool for teaching the blessings of giving! I have seen positive results in my people and their attitude at the offering time and their giving in general. It is working for us!
  • United Methodist Church – FL – I simply love the material. It has added something extra to our offertory that makes it more than a collection but a genuine act of worship.
  • Worship Center – CA – You were absolutely correct in your assertion that it is not the same-ole prosperity message!
  • Pentecostal Tabernacle – CANADA – The Tithe and Offering Scriptures have been a helpful tool. I have used them in the past several weeks and our giving has dramatically turned around. God is using the scripture as I use it in preparing hearts to give each Sunday morning. I will be purchasing the second volume when it comes out.
  • Pastor – WI – I am using the scriptures every week and my giving has increased. We have not calculated the increase yet, but I will let you know. I will be interested in the second book when it is ready!
  • Bible Baptist Church – TX – We have used your book on Scripture offerings the last 2 Sundays. It makes taking up the offerings so much better. Before you felt like you were begging for money. This is great.
  • Assembly of God – LA – In an age of money manipulation from the pulpit, this book offers a sane, biblical approach to receiving tithes and offerings in the local church. I recommend this book to any pastor of any denomination.
  • Email – I talked with you last fall and ordered your scriptures on tithes and offerings. Our offerings have almost doubled in the months we have taught God’s Word during our service. I just wanted to encourage you to keep up the good work!
  • Baptist – CA – The first Sunday I used a tithing Scripture our giving went up 40% and has been up 40% every since. That was 3 months ago.
  • Independent – SC – Tithes are better. “Thanks!”
  • United Methodist – I have been a pastor for 25 years and just found out about your tithing books. I pastor 4 (that’s right) churches and I am using your first tithing book before taking the offering in each church. Thank you so much! What a blessing! It’s not easy to find such scriptural material anymore. Praise God for your ministry!
  • CANADA – I just had to let you know how much I appreciate you and your tithe and offering books. Thank you so much for the time and effort you have put in to these great books so that thousands can be blessed by the truth of God’s Word concerning finances. After seeing my copies of your books, my Pastor ordered a set for himself. Your web site is great and you are providing an invaluable service to Body of Christ.
  • Abundant Life Baptist Church ? NE – Just received my order (Tithes & Offerings – books 1 and 2) yesterday. Thanks for your prompt delivery and the books look great. What a blessing it will be to our church!
  • Email CT – Thank you for the quick response. Your company is the best.
  • Pastor -Thanks! Books are Great!
  • Lutheran – NC – On the first Sunday I read a Tithing Scripture in our church, a lady gave my Treasurer an envelop at the close of the service. The treasurer called me later that afternoon and said I should come to the church at once. I went to the church and the lady had written a letter and gave it with a check in her giving envelop. She said thank you for sharing the word on giving. She said she had been behind in her giving and wanted to honor God as the Scripture I had read said we should do. In the envelop there was a check for $10,000.00. Thank God for Tithe and Offering Scriptures!
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