Barna’s polling on tithing in America

Pollster George Barna Writes:                                                                                                                

  • “Overall Giving Dips” – The Barna survey found that more than three-quarters of all adults (78%) donated money to a non-profit organization or a church in 2000. That represents a six percentage-point decline from the previous year, and a nine-point drop from 1998, when 87% of all adults had donated funds.
  • “Giving to Churches Falters” – In 2000, six out of ten adults (61%) gave money to one or more churches, a small decline from the prior two years (66%). The average church donor contributed a mean of $649 to churches last year, down from $806 the prior year.
  • “Tithing Is Rare” – One out of every six adults (17%) claims to tithe, but a comparison of the amount that people gave to churches and their household income revealed that just 6% actually donated one-tenth of their income (pre-tax or post-tax) to churches. The level of misreporting among born again Christians was just as prolific: 32% reported tithing, yet only 12% actually did so in 2000.
  • “Challenges for the Future” – Barna also pointed out that? traditional views about the importance of giving to churches are absent in the minds of a growing proportion of the non-traditional populations in our country.(1)

(1) The above excerpts were taken from the article: “Church Looses Financial ground in 2000,” as found on the Barna Research Online website. The Barna Research Group, Ltd. is an Independent marketing research company located in southern California. You may view their site at:

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