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“Tithe and Offering Scriptures”

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“If we want to see the Kingdom of God advanced, and Gods people experiencing financial blessings, then it is the duty of Pastors, as stewards of the Word of God, to share faithfully Gods principles of giving and paying the tithe.” – Pastor Leon Bible

Benefits of Tithe and Offering Scriptures: Works with all churches, No gimmicks, pressure or hype, Less than 5 minutes each week, Complete Subject Index, People will love offering time, Full 5 year program, Any Church will increase financially, Scripturally sound, Fully developed Outlines and Meditations, People will break free from debt and will learn to walk in God’s financial blessings.

The Bible teaches that giving is an act of obedience and worship. When people are taught to give as worship and honor to God through the obedience of tithing, both the people and the house of the Lord are blessed. This principle forms the basis of this book. Romans 10:17 says: “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” (KJV) Through the practice of reading and hearing the Word of God concerning giving, God’s children will give; both as worship and in obedience to the Scriptures. As a result great blessings will come. The giver will be blessed because of their obedience. And, the ministry of the church will increase due to the abundance of finances for ministry projects.

How To Use This Book:

This book is laid out in Biblical order; that is Genesis through Revelation. To locate any verse of scripture on giving contained in this book simply flip through its pages as you would your Bible. You will find the Scripture passages listed at the top corner of the right hand page. A Table of Contents listing the title, Scripture and page number is provided on pages 5 through 7. At the back of the book on pages 119 through 121 a Subject Index is available. Here you can find the different Scripture meditations group according to giving themes. Each tithe and offering meditation has seven sections: Title, Theme, Scripture Reading, Relating to the Scripture, Offering Admonition/Confession, Personal Notes, and Ministry Use Log.

Here is what just a few of the churches are saying that have begun to use Tithe and Offering Scriptures as part of their worship service.

Southern Baptist Church – MO – We use the Tithe and Offering Scriptures for our 8:00 a.m. Contemporary Service. I have found that since we starting using it before we take up our morning offering. People are not just “throwing” money into the office plate when it goes by, but they are now WORSHIPING God as they are giving there tithe or offering. In addition our offerings have already increased by 50% in just the few weeks we started using it. WOW!! To God be the Glory!!!
Assembly of God – OK – I put them in our weekly bulletins. The tithes and offering are higher than I have ever seen them in the six years I have been the pastor.
Baptist – SC – A great tool for teaching the blessings of giving! I have seen positive results in my people and their attitude at the offering time and their giving in general. It is working for us!
United Methodist Church – FL – I simply love the material. It has added something extra to our offertory that makes it more than a collection but a genuine act of worship.
Worship Center – CA – You were absolutely correct in your assertion that it is not the same-ole prosperity message!

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