God Is Not Enough He’s Too Much by Jesse Duplantis

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Tithing Scriptures

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Tithing Scriptures

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Tithing Scriptures
Tithing Scriptures
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Description: Do you know the real God? He’s not the “Big Guy in the Sky” you may have been brought up to believe in–angry and ready to hit you with a lightning bolt every time you do wrong. He is the loving, joyful and generous Father of all creation. No matter what you’ve been taught or where you are in your Christian walk today, you can experience more of God’s goodness, grace, mercy and abundance! Best-selling author and evangelist Jesse Duplantis candidly shares his life experiences and the incredible revelation knowledge he’s learned about God’s true nature in this fresh look at the Scriptures. Loaded with powerful truths and comical, real-life moments, Jesse counters unbalances prosperity teaching at both ends of the doctrical spectrum. The results? A real and balanced scriptual teaching that will have you learning and laughing at the same time! God has more for you that you’ve every imagined. Determine today to saturate yourself in His presence and experience exceeding abundantly above all that you can ask or think! Get ready to receive all God has for you as you realize that God is not enough, He’s too much!


  • ISBN-13: 9781577943976
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