Achieving Financial Alignment By Rich Brott

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ISBN: 9781601850119

30 Biblical Principles for Ordering Your Financial Life


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Description: Many people, deep in debt and lacking in self-discipline in their spending and contentment level, complain that their employers don’t pay them enough, their taxes are much too high, their business costs have skyrocketed, or render some other excuse why cannot plan for their financial future. Of course, some of these excuses may have a certain amount of legitimacy to them, but they don’t excuse a person from the responsibility of making sure that they are not wasting any of the resources God has allowed to come through their hands.
The problem is rarely a lack of money; it is a lack of money management. Money management simply means self-management. Enjoy your journey to a re-aligning of your financial attitude and life!

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  • ISBN: 9781601850119
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